Jan. 24th, 2017

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU (where the joestars & friends play innocent sin online) iso//sq
Summary: Kakyoin doesn't know how to deal with this.
Word Count: 393
Rating: Gen

         “So…you’re a girl.”
         “Sorta,” Jotaro responds with a bland tone.  It’s common for him to say things in a bland tone, but there’s actually differences in the bland tone.  For instance, right now he’s wondering why the hell Kakyoin’s making a big deal about this tinged with an undercurrent of irritation if it keeps up (Kakyoin’s heard him use it a couple of times on his mother, a sweet lady named Holly who he’s heard next to nothing about because while Jotaro isn’t normally talkative he clams up when it’s about his mom).
         “But you have tits.”  He’s not usually vulgar, but sometimes it’s the only way to get across to Jotaro.
         That earns an amused smile.  Sort of a ‘well, you earned a brief reprieve, don’t screw it up’.  “Yep.”
         Kakyoin tries, a couple times, to think of a response that won’t get him hit.  Eventually he settles on, “I’m confused,” because honesty is a big part of their friendship, and it’s very true.  He’s having a sexual crisis, actually, because he’s gay but apparently Jotaro isn’t a guy and he likes Jotaro anyway.  Still.  Probably.
         The hot voice helps.
         Jotaro shrugs.  He’s exhuding a ‘don’t wanna talk about it’ air now, but he gets that this is a conversation they need to have.  “I don’t really care.  I don’t particularly like pronouns but if you gotta—and I know it’s inconvenient not to—male pronouns are fine.  I’m not exactly a girl and I don’t like people referring to me as one, but it’s true I’m not exactly a guy, either.  I could have an operation pretty quick if I cared enough.  The old man wouldn’t mind paying for it.  I just…I get that there are people out there who lose their shit over stuff like this.  That it’s a big deal for some people.  I don’t really care.  That being said, anybody assuming that I’m small and weak, just ‘cause I was born with certain parts…”  The look on Jotaro’s face is predatory and dangerous and the world realigns a little again.  There’s a part of his friend that’s cruel, sometimes, and it’s fine because it makes him feel normal.  “I’m Jotaro.  I want people to remember that, not anything else.”
         “You’re certainly memorable,” Kakyoin offers, and the brilliant, fond, even sweet smile he gets in return was worth it.


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