Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU (where the joestars & friends play innocent sin online) iso//sq
Summary: Kakyoin finally gets to talk to his crush.
Word Count: 420
Rating: Gen

        It’s not long until Polnareff gets him playing the game on his own, mostly because yeah, he actually is a gamer at heart, and also he has a ridiculous crush on the owner of the voice which Polnareff finds hilarious.  He’ll be lucky if he stops hearing about that before he dies.  And at least Polnareff’s shifts have been overscheduled for a bit, mostly because the Frenchman has a bad habit of calling in sick once too often.
        He’s gotten to level 9, so he’s gotten through the starting districts of Mikage-cho and has begun to not feel like quite such a beginner.  He’s having difficulties deciding between whether he wants to wield a sword or staff, but is leaning toward staff if only so he can be different from his friend.  Plus, when he rolled really well on a rare sword even if it was a beginning sword the Frenchman hadn’t stopped whining for a few hours, and it’s hard enough to stop that from happening on a regular basis as it is.
        Polnareff gets on long enough to introduce the two (with an innuendo; Kakyoin’s just glad that there’s no facecam so Star can’t see the tips of his ears blushing): “Hey, this is my friend; he’s a virgin at MMORPGS, so take it easy with him, okay?”  He winks at Kakyoin and leaves the room, throwing stuff into his basic pillowcase that he takes to work every day, swearing at that, too.  Kakyoin breathes in quietly as he adjusts the mike and tries to remind himself that he’s the responsible adult of the two roommates and shouldn’t hurl objects at someone even if they’re freaking immature.
        There’s an expectant silence, and Kakyoin feels his heart hammering away in his rib cage, before the guy speaks.  “So, Midori.  And you’re a…Herald.  How’d you end up with a loser friend like that useless Cavalier?”
        Kakyoin nearly doesn’t respond.  He’s got the worst case of butterflies.  He did enough reading on classes and the rest of the game so he doesn’t look like a complete idiot when he plays (ignoring Polnareff who swears no one needs manuals ever).  But on the other hand, this is a guy he really wants to impress and he has to start somewhere, so he responds.  He doesn’t really have the time to think out how he’s gonna say this.  “Probably the same way I’m hoping to become friends with you?”
        That bark of laughter is the single greatest thing he’s heard in his life.


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