Jan. 22nd, 2017

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You know you have a problem when your crossovers begin to have crossovers.
I don't think I'm going to have a big story here, for once. Just some fun side stuff with playing games. Thus, I don't think there's going to be any Coma Players amongst the Jojo's crew or anything. It may not even take place in the same universe as the mainverse iso crew, though the created characters might show up at some point. It's like the Endrance|Elk thing.  Continuity is an unanswered question.  It's just playing around, both with the characters and with the game mechanics themselves.
They're also going to be more like vaguely connected drabbles than one storyline with all the blanks filled in and a clear passage of time.

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU (where the joestars & friends play innocent sin online)
Summary: Polnareff wants Kakyoin to join him in an MMORPG, and Kakyoin gets to hear from one of the people that plays iso with Jean-Pierre.
Word Count: 430
Rating: Gen

          “Come on, Kakyoin, there’s this game you should play. You’re always playing on your console, but you should try actually playing with other people for once.” Polnareff, the social butterfly, probably can’t contemplate actually having fun doing things on his own. He doesn’t like being around most people, doesn’t like the way they tend to look at him, or worse, the way they stop so easily when he just puts up the littlest amount of a false front. Maybe he despises them. It’s hard to tell.
          The logo of the game is vaguely familiar when Polnareff clicks on it. Kakyoin vaguely remembers having seen it before, mostly when the Frenchman had deleted a bunch of Actually Important Stuff to download the thing. He should probably be happy it wasn’t a virus gained from visiting porn sites, considering that the man is kinda reckless with the computer they share.
          “At least I get a perk to deal with living with you. I can access the Japan-only servers,” the man explains as he signs in the game and then a colorful knight-looking character. Kakyoin rolls his eyes and turns the page of his book. As if Polnareff is the one who truly suffers. Well, it’s not like Kakyoin minds. Which is weird.
          He gets sidetracked reading, and only remembers that he’s supposed to be learning all about this new game that he should play (he’s convinced it’s because it would benefit his friend somehow) when the loud, bombastic commentary becomes even worse than usual. Polnareff swears colorfully in French, Kakyoin’s sure without even knowing the language, and then follows that up with a “You’re always cheating, Star.”
          “Am not,” a smug voice replies, and Kakyoin feels his heart skip a beat. That voice, it’s…
          He’s falling in love with some gamer he can’t even see just based on the sound of a sexy voice. This is his social life, right now. He hadn’t really been bothered about reality until this moment when he realizes it’s just that absurd and he’s probably going to buy a game subscription just to hear more of that voice.
          “You just suck at the game.” The speaker punctuates that statement with yet another well-placed strike, and Polnareff’s character dies, and his friend carefully places down the controller like they talked about because Kakyoin really can’t afford to keep buying them replacements, and just stalks off. Most likely to hit a wall or something.
          Hopefully not to break out his fencing equipment, because the last time that happened not at the training facility their landlord threw a fit.


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