Jan. 10th, 2017

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Main Points:
BBC's Sherlock, Standverse (John has a Stand)
Summary: John the one man army.
Word Count: 120
Rating: Gen

           Occasionally John will call for an update, and guiltily, Mycroft will tell him of any more members of the network they have uncovered.  He’d tell Sherlock about the conversations, but Sherlock needs to make sure he finds the whole network through the data trails, and Sherlock can’t miss the devastation John leaves in his wake as the surgically strikes at each of the viper’s nests.
           He’s also not about to tell his brother about the Speedwagon Foundation calling for updates on John’s location.  He’s, for once in his life, honest with his sort-of-partners, telling them that he has no idea where John will be next because John’s the one choosing the next mission of all the information he’s being handed.


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