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This has been gathering dust since approximately forever.
Oh, and I got to see Wrath of Khan in theatres again.  Good thing too 'cause I forgot almost everything.

Main Points:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS crossover
Summary: Things go wrong.
Word Count: 456
Rating: Gen

        “This job never gets any easier.”  Gibbs hadn’t expected to find anyone in the office this early after they’d run into some rather ugly bureaucratic red tape, but Redgrave’s just sitting in the dark, a cup in his hand, at the desk he commandeered for his own. 
        “You’re young,” he replies reflexively.
        “Yeah.”  The response is only factual, without emotion.  There’s a silence.  Gibbs would like to hate this, this interloper, this meddler.
        He can’t.  There’s no military stint in Redgrave-or-Harris’s file, but he holds himself like a Marine.  He can joke around like DiNozzo, but when it’s time to be serious he’s one hundred percent serious.  Still like Tony, really.  He’s good at his job, he respects the team, he’s honest.  Even when there are things he can’t say, he tries to get around that, tries to at least give a few words to fill in some of the gaps.  His team are just as good as he’d said, since they’d managed to catch a few things in the alley even the trained lab techs hadn’t.  He treats them like they’re family, and they respond in kind.
        The silence stretches out, and then the young man’s face crumples.  He’s trying to keep it together, but it’s hard.  “Two of my Sl—Agents are dead,” he mumbles.  It’s the first slip Gibbs has caught, and even as he feels sympathy move in him, he makes a mental note for later.  “It was just supposed to be a little recon.”
        “Drink?” he asks quietly.
        “It sounds great, but no thanks.”  The only response is a raised eyebrow, but it’s rarely failed, and it does not do so this time.  “I don’t ever want to become my Dad, so.  Starting down that road’s a bad choice.”  It didn’t take much to guess where this was going after the results of Abby’s search came in.
        “Alcoholic?”  Redgrave hadn’t said much of anything, other than jokes, about his life, but the mask was starting to fall out of place.
        “Alcoholic abusive bastard, but let’s not get personal.”  The laugh is bitter, but it’s quickly gone.  “Y’know, the coffee was probably also an eleven, but I went with it anyway.  Now I’m on the verge of babbling like Willow, my heart’s beating at probably about a thousand times a minute, and I’m probably going to shake myself off the planet any second now.”
        That’s enough to put the NCIS Agent on high alert.  “Medical emergency?”
        “Nah, I’ll be okay.  Eventually.”  This time, the smile is real.  “Thanks for the concern, though.”  This isn’t a man used to worry on his behalf.  Gibbs relies on his patience to quiet his anger and goes to get a glass of water for the kid.

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS crossover
Summary: Xander answers a few questions of his own.
Word Count: 315
Rating: Gen

        “What was all that about?” DiNozzo asks when they finally get done with the man (whom they’ll probably be looking into later to see if they can’t find some reason to call for an arrest).  He’s probably trying to distract himself from Gibbs’ driving, but even Gibbs is interested in the answers.
        Even given the driving, Redgrave could be sleeping, seat leaned back as far as it would go and hands folded behind his head.  The seat’s practically on DiNozzo’s lap, which isn’t helping the fact that he’s not comfortable with the situation.  No one has a grasp on who these people are, and for a man who prides himself on his understanding of people, that’s a problem.
        “Like the claw marks, that map looks familiar.  I’m just not placing it.  As for the rest, culprits from our side of the tracks like hunting at night.  So that’s when we hunt, too.”  He shrugs slightly, barely moving in his seat as Gibbs takes a turn too fast.  “Ophelia—”
        “Orelia,” one of the twins corrects without looking up from her smartphone.
        “What, you mean she’s not from Hamlet?” Redgrave jokes, before looking thoughtful again.  “These lovely shades,” he taps them, “…were designed by a good friend of mine after we binge watched the King of Bling himself, the man who was given a number in place of a name, Mr. 007.  They’re actually a camera.  It’s perfectly legal for me to have them.  Unfortunately, you lot, not so much, so I can’t just lend it to you no matter how much you give me those puppy dog eyes, Stark.”
        “Giving you a number and taking away your name,” DiNozzo responds without even thinking, and then thinks about it.  “That’s—how did you—”
        “Magic,” Redgrave responds with jazz hands and then apparently falls asleep in a moving vehicle being driven by Gibbs.
        He’s certainly brave.

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS crossover
Summary: The NCIS investigators, Xander, and two of his 'agents' go to ask a few questions.
Word Count: 740
Rating: Gen

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS crossover
Summary: They visit the crime scene.
Word Count: 340
Rating: Gen

        It’s slightly worrying when they reach the newest crime scene and the kid is as unfazed as Ducky with the body.  All he does is wrinkle his nose a little and push his sunglasses back up.  “Man, this is worse than back in ’03,” he remarks, voice calm and steady.
        One of his ‘agents’ isn’t quite so lucky; she runs off the crime scene to throw up in the bushes, and the others look a little green.
        “Hey, Sierra.  I thought I said, after you could barely look at the pictures, that you could wait in the car?”  At least he cares about his agents.
        “I didn’t want to be the wuss,” she mumbles, miserable, and DiNozzo quickly takes pity on her.
        “Well, why don’t you help me bag and tag?”  That way, she doesn’t have to look at the giant mass of blood and body parts splattered over the brick wall.
        The quiet one—Isabelle?—nods and takes the camera.  Her manner is no-nonsense and businesslike and Redgrave grins in approval.
        He crouches, staring at the stain fixedly.
        “Redgrave?”  Kate asks, looking disturbed.
        “I’m thinking.”  He points at a particular spot on the wall.  “Those marks?  Pretty sure I’ve seen them before.  Claw-weapons.  Just trying to place them.”
        “We’ll keep the nosy ones out,” the one who’d been hurting Tony says with a smile and takes two of her friend’s arms to join the police at the barricade.
        Redgrave taps on his communications device.  “Willow-lite, you there?”
        “The name’s Orelia, and yeah, I’m here, and yes, I’m going through the databases.  No hits as of yet.  I’ll keep you updated.  Oh, and Willow will be glad to know that yes, the sunglasses are working and probably everyone in the field should wear them.”  She sounds sarcastic, long-suffering even.
        “Don’t worry, she enjoys her job,” Redgrave assures them.
        “We’ll help talk to people,” the last two add together, smiling.  They could be non-identical twins.
        “Get everything you can, and we’ll see you back at base,” Redgrave acknowledges, thoughtful and distracted.

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS crossover
Summary: Abby has a report on the ISWC and Xander.
Word Count: 1069
Rating: Gen


Sep. 16th, 2017 11:56 pm
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Fun fact: it's been long enough I have to make a guess about what it means, too.  Best guess--don't dwell.

Main Points:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS crossover
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 44
Rating: Gen

       “Haunt the past.  Do not let the past haunt you,” one of the girls says sagely to Abby, who looks confused.
       “That sounds good and all, but what does it mean?” she asks.
       Gibbs watches from above as Xander smiles into his hot chocolate.

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I’m kind of used to writing reports by now, whether for the Foundation or for the Morioh Police Department.  I don’t like it any more than I liked my homework years ago, but there’s a better reason behind it, anyway.  These are to keep people informed and safe, so that’s worth a whole lot more.

I’m sending this with the representatives of the SWC that they’re sending to collect the old man, too, which is even more important because if they read it they’ll at least have an idea of how to fight it if he tries anything funny.

Oh, and I got his name from his wallet.  Apparently he was fighting because his grandkids are in danger, so we should see if we can’t rescue them.

I’d like to say hi to the young lady I talked to on the phone.  It was great talking to you, kid.

Back in Time

Stand User: William Kaulitz

Power: A

Speed: E

Range: B

Durability: C

Precision: S

Potential: D


Back in Time is a really terrifying Stand, but that’s true for most of the Stands that can control time (just ask Jotaro-san!)  Once it gets off its effect, you’re stuck going through your past.  I suppose it’s a kind of stealth Stand, too, since it can’t really protect its user.  It takes the form of a pocket watch without a cover.  I found it searching him when he was unconscious, and it looks weird enough it probably is a Stand.

pocketwatch without a cover in Back to the Future colours

Don’t Look Back: Back in Time’s main mechanism is shuffling you through moments in your past you’ll either want to change or situations you’ll find it difficult to get out of without changing.  It works off the opponent’s psychology, which is the terrifying part, since everybody’s probably had days and moments they wanted to change.  If you give in to the urge or mess up, you’ll start turning transparent and in general begin fading from the world.  However, this also means that certain powers in the past don’t affect you in the same way as the last time, and if this lets you survive something that would’ve killed you, it can at least partially undo the transparent effect.  It’s possible that managing to go through a certain number of jumps without messing up is all you need to do, but I didn’t get to test this.  Back in Time also has no way to protect its User specifically, so if you can take him out or get him to stop using his Stand, you should be good.  (Though from what I can tell, he’s actually a nice guy, and he’s also old, so if you can not kill him, that would be great.)  He should be easy to spot, though, once you know what you’re looking for—he reverse ages in every ‘era’ you visit.  It looks a little like it’s proportional, but I didn’t get a good look.

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Buffy reveals a secret to Xander who fumbles through his words and does his best to help.  (...yeah, this still applies.)
Word Count: 875
Rating: Gen

sometimes her life feels like a romantic comedy )

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Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Buffy reveals a secret to Xander who fumbles through his words and does his best to help.
Word Count: 1724
Rating: Gen

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Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: faster to read
Word Count: 42
Rating: Gen

        “Why headphones?” Yosuke’s starting to read his boss’s moods, and that’s definitely curiosity.
        “I like the way they feel,” he forces himself to answer honestly.  “And the way they make me feel, I guess.”
        Apparently it’s enough of an answer for Narukami.

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Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: Yosuke meets the last member of the team.
Word Count: 575
Rating: Gen

of course there's a conspiracy )

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Main Points:
Persona 4 Ghost in the Shell inspired au
Summary: Narukami's got something against Corporate.
Word Count: 385
Rating: Gen

        Yosuke’s running late.  Most people having to run through the acidic rain would probably have to apply a MedPatch once they got into a building after running through the rain, but he just has to concentrate a little and shake out his hair when he gets inside.  He feels a little like a drowned rat, felt the acid start to eat through his skin, and even with newly regrown skin feels odd, like plastic second skin.  Since he’s a Magician he doesn’t usually have to use manual methods of disguise, but it never hurts to do things the normal way sometimes, keep himself in shape.  It doesn’t do to just rely on tech and magic, because of what might go wrong, because he has to stay responsible.
        His hair still looks a bit odd, but then, it was his fault for not parking closer.  Technically, he could, but he hates throwing around the perks of his new position.  Maybe it’s because he’s a Magician.  It’s better to not draw attention to yourself as a Magician.  Maybe he’d be loudly obnoxious instead of quietly obnoxious.  But it’s useless to speculate about it too much, since he is a Magician and has been one for long enough he can’t guess what it would be like to not be a Magician.
        He takes the stairs three at a time, one hand on the more professional black headphones to ensure they don’t fall off, and before he gets to the top he can hear Narukami yelling.
        Yelling.  The man barely ever raises his voice.
        “I don’t care about your reputation, Mr. Director.  What I care about is finding the killer, and as a police officer I have more authority than a low-level corporate stooge like you.  If you keep refusing to cooperate, I will arrest you for obstruction, and I doubt any Corp employee would fare too well in jail.”
        He’s never, ever heard the Chief talk like that, never casually threaten anyone.  He’s so hard to rattle Yosuke had begun to wonder if his cyborg nature extended to the emotional level as well.
        Uhm, Amagi, on a scale of one to annihilation, how likely is the Captain going to bite my head off for being late?  She intimidates him, true, but less than Satonaka and definitely less than Kujikawa.
        You’re not Corporate.  You’ll be fine.  In fact, you might help his mood, given that I’m almost positive he has a crush on you.
        He blushes and hates that she can tell through the link, because it’s all she can do to hold the helpless giggle in.
        Even after that little Shadow virus stunt.  You’re lucky.
        Shut up, he grumbles, but pushes on the door anyway.
        It’s got something to do with his past, but we’re not sure and I’m not the type to gossip anyway, she adds.
        The Chief whips around, a snarl on his lips, but the words die before they are spoken.  He blinks a little, looking embarrassed, and then smiles.  That might even be a chuckle.  “Didn’t want to fix your hair, huh?  I hope the acid rain wasn’t too bad.”
        Yosuke runs a hand through his hair, annoyed.  “My hair is fine, Captain.  Now that I’m here, how can I help?”
        Narukami sends an image of petting the bedraggled hair, like Yosuke’s a cat, and in retaliation Yosuke sends the best enraged cat hiss back.  Which makes Yu snort even as he starts filling him in about corporate espionage and two heavily mangled bodies.

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Note that Willow didn't actually agree to anything she wouldn't have been doing already.  Because Xander didn't notice.
Also, I hope that everyone in Florida and everyone's friends/family in Florida are safe!

Main Points:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man Crossover (Self-Made Hero)
Summary: Willow and Xander deal with Buffy's death (or not) in their own ways.
Word Count: 1137
Rating: Gen

cross the line )

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Main Points:
Ace Attorney AU
Chapter Summary:
Klavier runs into some uninformed knights and a demon he used to know.
Word Count: 999
Rating: K
Note: Apollo Justice spoilers. Probably spoilers for the rest of the series, too.


it's been going too smoothly... )


madimpossibledreamer: Jiraiya|Yosuke jumping and using a throwing star (Default)
Main Points: Persona 4 .hack inspired AU
chapter summary: yukiko, chie, and souji meet up with yosuke.  in the past, souji tells his friend how the outing with saki-senpai went and refers to koual as a friend.

word count: 2052
rating: T


madimpossibledreamer: Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) (ace)
Main Points:
Dr. Strange/Dresden Files crossover
Chapter Summary: Dresden's going to help Dr. Strange get home.

Word Count: 580
Rating: gen


Sep. 4th, 2017 11:33 pm
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Main Points:
Dr. Strange/Dresden Files crossover
Chapter Summary: faster to read

Word Count: 160
Rating: gen

       Steph smiles and snuggles further into the Cloak, which is cuddling her face.  It’s the resting moment when it’s warm and comfortable and you don’t want to move.
       And then she hears a whistle.  She doesn’t feel like it, but she opens her eyes.
       There’s a skull with ornate designs on the shelf facing her.  She feels a familiar relic feel from it.
       She’s been catcalled before, but not by a skull.  That’s her life, now.
       “I know a spell to silence you, you know,” she states quietly, earning what she can feel is a glare from the skull.
       “That’s very friendly.  You’re an amazing guest,” the skull snarks at her.
       “You’re an amazing host,” she snarks right back, and narrows her eyes, thinking about how she’d gotten here.  She’d messed up a dimensional travel spell in her quest to find a viable alternative to sling rings.  Again.  She sighs deeply.  “So, would you mind telling me about your master?”

Quick Facts

Sep. 3rd, 2017 10:18 pm
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No research required!
(I had a marine bio class)

Main Points:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Universe Optional
Summary: Kakyoin can't sleep.
Word Count: 250
Rating: Gen

       “Why marine life?” Kakyoin whispers, staring at the ceiling.
       There’s a grumble from the next bed.  “Go to sleep, Noriaki.”
       He holds his breath for a second.  Despite how predictable Jotaro seems, he’s actually master of the unexpected.  “I can’t,” he confesses, and for one awful second stretched to infinity, the silence is accusing.  Then…
       “Did you know there’s a species of crab that will have a heart attack if you chase it too long?”
       Instantly Kakyoin sits up, eyes wide.  “You’re making that up.”
       “Nope.”  One of Jotaro’s huge hands comes to rest on the cap placed above his face.  The rest of him doesn’t move.  Then, again: “Did you know that most tidal pools are somewhat unique in their species composition, even ones only a meter apart?”
       The only interest Kakyoin usually has for this sort of thing is as an amateur artist, but he turns on his stomach, fluffing his pillow, facing his friend.  “Wow,” he breathes.
       He can hear Jotaro’s grin—and it’s actually a grin and not a smirk, for once—in the deep voice.  “Did you know that octopi can learn puzzle solutions by watching another octopus complete the puzzle?”
       “That’s really cool,” he says, eyes sparkling, and then a thought occurs to him.  “You know, if you talk about all your marine knowledge tomorrow, it’ll annoy Polnareff.”
       “Challenge accepted, jerk.”  Now it’s an affectionate smile.  Jotaro puts his hand back to his side.  “Get some sleep.”
       "Good night, Jotaro," Kakyoin whispers, already relaxing.

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whoops i forgot I was supposed to continue JJBA:SS...

Main Points:
Steins;Gate Universe Optional
Chapter Summary: Okabe and Kyouma's life after the events of the anime.

Word Count: 1029
Rating: gen




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